Why to chose a not perfect hotel!

We live in an age where hotels are becoming more and more impersonal, with underpaid and overworked staff who seem to count the hours before they can go back to home.

These hotels are run like machines, machines for “optimum performance and maximum profit” by white collar people who think this whole planet can be reduced to Excel sheets and business graphics.

Believe me, these people are lobotomized and I feel sorry for them.

Luckily, in Italy the model of the small, almost family run hotel still survives.

And this hotel here, the Villa Pirandello, is a breath of fresh air, sharing how a dedicated team of people driver by the love for their profession and project enliven and sustain a charming hotel building and make it into a wonderful place to stay.

Thank you for giving it a special, unique character, and thank you for the little so-called imperfections.

Contrary to most contemporary hotels, this one has a true soul.

Thank you for being the way you are, hope to see you again.

Peter – Brussels – Belgium