The Story of My Whole Life

Hello! First, English is not my first language so excuse my poor style! However I made a choice to write in English in order to allow the greatest number of people, who will stay in this room, to read my story 🙂

What to say about my life?

Some happy moments, many sad ones… A tot of misfortunes and missed opportunities…

I’m not satisfied by the choice I’ve made when I’ve decided to do my actual occupation (although what I’m doing in my life is a dream for every boy and girl). But because I’m different, I’m not happy with my profession…

What marked my life?

The lost of my big love, and after the “middle of the journey of my life” (dixit Dante Alighieri). I still have a great nostalgia for the past, unfortunately it will never return. Things are not like before.

If I can resume my life it will be the “Moonlight Sonata” di Beethoven.

What I have in mind now?
  • Commodore 64 Personal Computer and the old basic games
  • The Legend of Zelda
  • The Best Year of my Life (1992)
  • The Lost of Love – Point of no return (2003)
  • The Death of my Sister  (2011)

My best music: Moonlight Sonata (Beethoven), Marche Funébre (Chopin)
My best books: L’Ă©tranger (Camus), Crime and punishment (Dostojevskiy)
My best paintings: All paintings of Kaspar Friederich especialy “The tree of crows”
My best movie: Mulholland Drive (David Lynch)

Thanks you for reading me

Karim 92