Rome bike tour!

This year we celebrate our 12,5 years marriage anniversary with a party for all our frineds and a trave to Rome. Ad there we are. We found this lovely place to stay adn discver Rome. We did all the highlights. Firts day we start with a guided bike tour: how lovely it is to discover the old city by bike! A very kind deutsch guide told us about the ancient history around the monumental highlights. In the afternoon we’ve seen the colosseum and had a glass of wine and some diner in rastevere at the evening. Tomorrow we have a second day and we want to go to the vatican. The day we arrived, we walked in the evening trought Villa Borghese and th Spanish Stairs. Beautiful start to smell somethings of Rome. It’s a short stay of three days. Sunday we go home to our three lovely kids, Karyn, Eline and Simon. We hope these fews day will be remenbered as beautiful for a long time and transform in a story be give to our children.   Authors: Roos and Peter

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