Rome, a marvel city

One years ago we came to Rome to celebrate our love on our honeymoon. What we didn’t expect was how muche Rome would capture our hearts as well.

il-viaggio-story-bookWe marveled at the seamless intersections of historic monuments or museum with a modern cosmopolitan city…

Around every corner we turned, it seemed, was yet another breath-taking and marvelous sight. On top of that, we were also amazed by food – so fresh, so delicious – which we simply can’t replicate at home in U.S. ( and believe me, we’ve tried).

Like so many other visitors, we would to come back to this place.

And here we are, one again, in the city that has captured our hearts.

Round two re-affermed how much we love this amazing city and we can’t wait to come back to continue our strory.


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