Everything. Everywhere. Every time.
Everything. Everywhere. Every time.

20th August 2018

We are a couple from Barcelona, Catalonia. We felt in love, working in a big Catalan company, during am engineering project from Qatar. We started to go out, after the first date and for months later, when I became forty, he took to Paris in a romantic weekend as a surprise.

The biggest present of that 7th August 2015 it was not to see the Eiffel Tower or the Seine, no… it was… that nine months later, exactly nine, there was born my son Arnau.

Since then we are much happier and we do it all together.

Everything. Everywhere. Every time.

We decided to come to Rome because of the Italian culture. People’s character is similar to the Catalan and here we feel like at home. We’ve spent many days in this lovely town and have eaten the best pasta ever. My son says everyone that I am his mother and he points my face when he says it to the people.

Today we feel sad we come back to Catalonia but we are happy on the same time for seeing our family.

I love Italy, the Italian people, their way to become happy, their caring behaviour with children and their language.

We try to speak in Italian because it is similar to Catalan and for us it is very easy. People here thanks it.

It should imperative to respect people’s language, because language is the essence of a culture.

Ci vediamo presto Roma!









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PHOTO CREDITS unsplash-logoFabrizio Verrecchia