Peaceful and relaxing surroundings

Villa Tolrlonia

Our neighborhood, surrounded by in-flower Bouganvilles and Liberty Style glimpses, is a lovely place where to breathe a charming quietness atmosphere.

Between Piazza Bologna and Via Nomentana, far from town chaos but close to ancient Rome, the park “Villa Torlonia” shows all its historical splendour.

Right next to Villa Pirandello, the park is the best place where to go for long and relaxing walks and it’s dearly loved by joggers. Inside its walls, the amazing  “ House of the Owls”, Prince Alessandro Torlonia’s House and precious Works of Art with charming Liberty Style decorations. Today, the building is a museum of decorative arts and in particular of stained glass.

Looking East, only 2 minutes away (by bus), you can visit the wonderful Saint Agnes Catacombs and Saint Costanza Mausoleum.

Our neighbors are mostly ambassadors, but don’t worry: even though we are in a residential area, just a few minutes away form here you can breathe real Movida! Piazza Bologna, 850 meters away from Villa Pirandello, is a place full of life and a meeting point for young people, since its closeness to “La Sapienza” University.

As regards good food, we are surrounded by excellent Restaurants, with peculiar Menu, all tested by the staff during our frequent “business” dinner !! We will be glad to give you some helpful information about best places for best food!

Lastly, talking about the quarter, it needs to be mentioned the weird and peculiar Coppedè Quarter, a complex of 40 eccentric Liberty Style buildings, built by the Architect Coppedè around 1915; a short trip in a visionary and surreal Rome.