Pirandello and Us
"In life a coincidence can be absurd; a masterpiece, if a masterpiece is, no"


Many people wonder the reason of our name: Villa Pirandello.

And we, quite rightly, show that lovely building just beside our Villa. Going outside, we walk our guests through the garden and  tell them the story of those walls, recently brought back to their original beauty; walls that, for three years, hosted Luigi Pirandello, one of the most amazing authors of italian literary history.

We stay and talk about it for hours, if necessary, to share our passion or else to show those who don’t know him what it means for us and why he’s our little big pride. It is not about being only “ex-neighbour” of a great personality. That building stands for an essential source of inspiration, guiding us in our most detailed and careful choices: our decor, our books in the lounge, our paintings, our room titles.

We are in constant search of his messages, reading his novels, discovering the huge cultural and human value he passed on us, following the lead of his unbelievable farsightedness. When you visit his House-Museum you can live a deep experience, discovering those manuscripts and his private library but also live, looking out that same window, the peaceful sensation which still fills this quarter. And it’s still so vivid in our memory the meeting with namesake grandson Luigi Pirandello, we had the pleasure and pride to talk with here at Villa Pirandello, appreciating all the similiarities with his grandfather, especially his elegance and his sober and gentle habits.

Reading his words about Villa Torlonia while having a sweet walk in the same park could be an impressive experience…and our ambition is to let you live that same feeling.

That’s why we love to be: Villa Pirandello.