Villa Pirandello Team
"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success." Henry Ford



Young and witty is our boss! He loves dealing with food & beverage, selects the best dishes and only the highest quality spirits. He loves the good drink and care with passion the “cellar” of the Café Pirandello. For any advice on wine ask for him! If you see it absorbed is because he is thinking about the next concert to be followed or the new piece to write: he is a musician … definitely rock!


Classical dancer, you will see her moving elegantly in the Villa, while she studies details, observes the smallest details and entertains with the guests. Tireless and perfectionist, he has a smile always on and an attentive look. He travels with passion and works in hospitality since always, taking care of the guests’ stay, through the study and the research of details: his mission is to make each trip an experience, every stay a moment to live and remember.


He’s the oldest, not for anagraphical data, of the crew. He’s here since the first day and he was here at the opening day of Villa Pirandello! He’s our memory, in a certain sense. Keen on music, he never miss a concert; but there’s one thing he loves above all: Lazio Team. He’s the real soccer supporter and madly follow the calendar not to miss even a match… If his team is playing…he won’t surely be here at Villa Pirandello, word of “soccer supporter”.



Red lips, raven hair and iridescent eyes. A snow-white always smiling and true as the land from which she comes, Sardinia. He toured Italy and lived abroad looking for knowledge and experience to offer to others. It will take you between an aperitif and a coffee to be the protagonists of your story, making you feel at home, wherever your home is. 



The safe harbour for any traveller who passes by Villa Pirandello. From the calm character like the infinite landscapes of Patagonia, her native land, and warm like her country, Chile, “cradle of poets”. Explorer of herself and of the world. A priestess of hospitality capable of making those who cross the threshold of our hotel feel at home. 




The young wiseman of Villa Pirandello. It has a vital energy that half would advance; he comes from  Gambia, he has traveled by sea and land, and his happy destiny has brought him to the Villa. He loves company, cooking for friends and talking. When you get tired after the Roman nightlife, you will find it smiling and serene to wish you a good night and carefully guard the Villa.




She is more than a “simple” barmaid. Dedicated body and soul to the breakfasts of Villa Pirandello, when you wake up she will welcome you with her serenity and her big smile. Precise, meticulous and easy going, loves to get in touch with people from different cultures, to know them and understand their needs. She is Alessia.