The White Africans at the Fori Imperiali.

I’ve only just arrived here today, I’m browsing through this wonderful hand-written storybook, and look, there’s been someone here practicing yoga… so do I! NAMASTE   When I am in a city, I like to seek out the parks and green areas to have a look at the trees and the local flora. Here in Rome, I’m struck by the  beauty of the Mediterranean pine trees, solemnly carrying their canopies as giant sunscreen umbrellas. I paused for at least two hours, simply sitting in a park surrounding the Villa Torlonia, only five minutes from this hotel. I have some difficulty to find my orientation in this city. I have not kept any memory of my previous visit, 38 years ago. It’s like starting from zero. The only things similar are the smell of the car fumes, the bad quality of air, the dirt and grittyness and the busy traffic. Italy! Why aren’t there ore electric cars in your streets!? You have this generous sun above you, all year through, even now in winter, so use it to make electric power! Anyway, in Europe, environmental improvements travel from North to South in Europe, born under Scandinavian skies and then slowly making […]

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