Ciao from Canada!

Ciao from Canada! This was our first trip to Italy and we decided to book our trip in Rome. We loved seeing the history that fills this beautiful country and especially Rome! We travelled the well-worn journey of others before us by going from Rome – Venice – Florence – Cinque terre – Florence – Naples – Rome. Needless to say it was ambitious and my feet will punish me later. At first we couldn’t seen to understand why people and shops in these regions of Italy closed / stopped working between 1pm – 5pm but after spending 2 weeks in the unrelenting sun, we sympathized. We also had gelati every other meal to ” cool down”. We love this little gem of a hotel! We hope t retrn to this wonderful country and city soon! Notes about Canada:   Toronto Raptors NBA Champions 2019! We do not live in igloos ( not all of us) We love hockey We are polite and proud! We have a beautiful country! Happy travels! Amanda e Fred June 2019

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