[…] The Door is situated on a corner in the square, between two weird statues which seem to be there as guardians. The main characteristics of the Door are some strange writings engraved on doorjamb and architrave. You can recognize some planet symbols, some latin writing and other mysterious symbols. It’s the Alchemic Door in Piazza Vittorio, in the heart of “chinese quarter”, in the first “villa-giardino” of Post Risorgimento Italy. In 1873, Villa Palombara, where originally the Door of Marchese Massimiliano Palombara was built, ruthlessly burned to the ground. And yet the door was disassembled piece by piece and rebuilt in the new Piazza Vittorio. On the pediment of the door you can immediately notice a latin writing saying: “There are three marvels: God and man, mother and virgin, triune and one.” The door has lots of symbols and mysterious inscriptions. And ever since they were engraved, in 1680, noboby was able to interpret them! And, at that time, a legend began circulating… It says that inside that laboratory, in 1680, an alchimist was able to obtain the philosopher’s stone, before disappearing into thin air! Fonte:

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