Leave a footprint, ye who enter here!


It is a long story. It would take much time to tell you about all the changes, the second thoughts, the obstacles and the initial abandonments; those “Yes, let’s start it” and “we’re starting next month”. As complicated as it could be the description of our emotions, our wishes, the adrenaline, the voices and all the ideas came out during our coffee breaks. And it would be hard to make you understand how we got there! How it happened to gather here, young people working all together, with a great passion closed in their bags, transhipped around Europe, waiting to live it. And about how it happened to start living this passion right here, at Villa Pirandello. It would be nice to tell you about the story of each one of us, describe the streets, the adventures which pushed us to get through the door of this house which soon would become our second and beloved home. For the moment I’ll only tell you about some little personal pride:

An exhilarating and fantastic Brasilian girl, with the habit of travel and her unbeatable talent to make all visitors feel at home, Lucy; a formidable artist, always ready to travel as well, painting and enriching the Villa with his creativity, Nicola; a staff manager, who loves literature, painting, photography and who selects his staff by asking: do you like writing/painting/taking pictures?, Danilo; another receptionist keen on music, who creates specific playlists for every moment of the day, Gabriele; two “humanist girls”, always with a book in their hands, selecting paintings, listening to musicians for cultural events, Jlenia and Celeste; a sweet bar-girl keen on photography and ready to take care of all details when you wake up, Veronica; a brilliant keeper, painter, the king of ospitality, Said; and all the friends and collaborators, entranced by the surreal atmosphere of this Villa, who give us great ideas and help us making videos, brochures, events and motivate us to go on with this adventure. Thus, encouraged by our great passion, as much as by unconsciousness and naivety, today we start our blog “Footprints”. To leave footprints, to tell you who we are nd what we think about Rome. To give visitors, foreigners, tourists and travellers something more than a simple Hotel where to stay; to create a safe harbor where to breathe the real roman culture and italian as well, to let you know as many nuances as possible about it, to make sure our wonderful travel will be a new and inspiring adventure. With the hope that, following our footprints, you could get lost and tell us about your new roads.