TIME ELEVATOR: Travelling in the ancient Rome
TIME ELEVATOR: Travelling in the ancient Rome

You might have already been in Rome and known about the beautiful Capital, or you might have had enough days to discover all the corners of the Eternal City. But if you have time, take our advice:

Catch the bus n. 60 from via Nomentana, get off in Piazza Venezia and go towards via SS. Apostoli; once you are at civic number 20, set aside every prejudice, feel like babies and go into TIME ELEVATOR, 5D Cinema of Rome!time-elevator-rome-map

Among different shows, we advice you to choose one, on top of the others:

The journey in Ancient Rome! After an almost long queue, you will jump into ancient roman forum life, in the middle of gladiators fights, highligthing the milestones of Roman history.

It is a funny, emotional and educational experience, that will give you the opportunity to live in a virtual and intense way what you personally visited during your roman stay.

A good alternative in case of rain, since its ticket price is not so expensive (9 euro), we recommend it to those who have more than 4 days to visit the town. You can chose among 6 languages (italian, english, french, german, spanish and russian) and after your journey in ancient Rome you can also have fun travelling in Jurassic era or in a Horror house!

Villa Pirandello’s Advice: if possible, go there during the morning and in a mid-week day…you’ll avoid the queue!

Per maggiori info: http://www.time-elevator.it/