5 hints from Villa Pirandello to you!

Here are 5 suggestions that Villa Pirandello sugests you savour in the eternal city at its best:   Small glasses keep best the aroma and flavour of this magic drink. Choosing a “maritozzo alla panna” as an accompaniment is a good option. It’s worth it! The most ancient market of the city is a joyful experience with colors, scents and flavours. Do not miss the spices!   Explore its oriental shops… Go into the villa and its gardens and look for the Magic Door (Porta Magica) adorned with latin symbols and inscriptions. According to the legend, these symbols represent the formula of the philosophycal stone.   Typical frozen dessert made of grated ice, sugar and fruit syrup.  Youcan find it at the kiosks along Lungotevere.   Have a look through the key hole of the Cavalieri di Malta’s doorway, inside the square of the same name,  An interesting surprise!

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