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A perfect place for a perfect love-story

Once there was a man and a woman who loved  each other very much and decided to ger married. They wanted to have a special wedding that was unique to themselves, so they decided to plan it all on their own. While everything went beautifully and they had the most wonderful day, they of course became very tired. They decided to start their new life together with a honeymoon in Italy, and happened upon the Villa Pirandello. It was the perfect place to relax and recover after all their work, and they were extremely grateful for the hospitality bestowed upon them. Though they only stayed a couple of nights, they would never forget their stay and the wonderful people they encountered there. FINE (except not really, it’s only the beginning!) J&S from Canada 13-15 September 2017

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Sono un consulente informatico, di quelli con lo zaino e un pc dentro…

Sono in trasferta, come spesso accade di questi tempi. Oggi pomeriggio ho salutato i miei due bimbi (3 anni e 1 anno) e il più piccolo mi ha accompagnato fino alla macchina. Voleva venire con me, ed è rimasto male quando gli ho detto di no.

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Mathieu & Lydie: A True Love Story

Every wednesday evening, she was taking hip hop dance classes, next to where she lived. She noticed a guy who was talking to me, her best friend, before the class. He was very tall (you just can’t miss him, lol!), but it’s not his size that made her stake at him that night, it was his hair, his eyes and the way he moved. He was very handsome and Lydie felt her heart skipped a beat but…she wasn’t single. As she was ( and still is!) very faithful, she immediately told her brain tp fprget about the “big guy”. Month later, her useless relationship ended she ws really sad but really realieved at the same time. She decided to take back control over her life and to think about herself for once. She wasnt’ sure of anything and wanted to enjoy her new life. Men weren’t her priority but…she saw the beautiful tall guy again at dance practice. She decided to try her luck! With one her friend’s help (yeah, I know: how childisk is this?! She lacked self-confidence at hte time), she managed to know he found her cute too and that was single. Some weeks later, after a […]

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Sentirsi a casa nel mondo

Il mio fidanzato aveva un sogno nel cassetto ed era quello di vedere almeno una volta nella vita la città eterna di Roma, così che 4 ore di auto valevano la pena per realizzare questo desiderio. Abbiamo trovato questo posto meraviglioso tramite internet e così, telefonicamente abbiamo prenotato notando subito la cordialità del ragazzo della reception. Siamo arrivati a Roma senza difficoltà e ci  stata aperta la stanza direttamente al nostro arrivo, offrendoci prima un caffè, cordialità assoluta. L’ambiente abbiamo subito potuto notare essere profumatissimo, pulito, ampio e trasmettitore di cultura letteraria, artistica per l’arredo e la quantità di libri qualitativi nel salotto. Abbiamo pranzato (barista simpaticissima) e poi ci siamo rivolti al receptionist per l e indicazioni su come poter vedere in un solo pomeriggio le opere di maggiore rilievo muovendoci con i mezzi. Indicazioni dettagliatissime che ci hanno concesso in otto ore di visitare Piazza Venezia, Colosseo, Fori Imperiali, Piazza di Spagna, Montecitorio, Fontana di Trevi, Piazza del Popolo, San Pietro…insomma un assaggio, una visione esterna della nostra splendida Capitale che ci ha concesso di innamorarcene e desiderarne un futuro ritorno! Siccome ci siamo un po’ smarriti al ritorno un gentilissimo cittadino romano ci ha portati in auto […]

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Profumo di storia e racconti

I viaggi di qualsiasi tipo, sono come i sogni: ti aiutano a volare! Questa villa mi racconta un posto fermo che profuma di storia e racconti…chiudi gli occhi e ti trovi in un altro mondo, mi aiuta a sognare ancor di più! Come una mia colonna sonora personale narra “alla passione motore della mia anima”, QUI C’E’ LA PASSIONE! Carla   Disegno:

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Why to chose a not perfect hotel!

These hotels are run like machines, machines for “optimum performance and maximum profit” by white collar people who think this whole planet can be reduced to Excel sheets and business graphics. Believe me, these people are lobotomized and I feel sorry for them. Luckily, in Italy the model of the small, almost family run hotel still survives. And this hotel here, the Villa Pirandello, is a breath of fresh air, sharing how a dedicated team of people driver by the love for their profession and project enliven and sustain a charming hotel building and make it into a wonderful place to stay. Thank you for giving it a special, unique character, and thank you for the little so-called imperfections. Contrary to most contemporary hotels, this one has a true soul. Thank you for being the way you are, hope to see you again. Peter – Brussels – Belgium    

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Rome bike tour!

This year we celebrate our 12,5 years marriage anniversary with a party for all our frineds and a trave to Rome. Ad there we are. We found this lovely place to stay adn discver Rome. We did all the highlights. Firts day we start with a guided bike tour: how lovely it is to discover the old city by bike! A very kind deutsch guide told us about the ancient history around the monumental highlights. In the afternoon we’ve seen the colosseum and had a glass of wine and some diner in rastevere at the evening. Tomorrow we have a second day and we want to go to the vatican. The day we arrived, we walked in the evening trought Villa Borghese and th Spanish Stairs. Beautiful start to smell somethings of Rome. It’s a short stay of three days. Sunday we go home to our three lovely kids, Karyn, Eline and Simon. We hope these fews day will be remenbered as beautiful for a long time and transform in a story be give to our children.   Authors: Roos and Peter

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Adventure time in Rome!