True love story
Mathieu & Lydie: A True Love Story

About four years ago, Lydie was miserable stuck in a relationship with someone who didn’t make her happy.

Every wednesday evening, she was taking hip hop dance classes, next to where she lived. She noticed a guy who was talking to me, her best friend, before the class. He was very tall (you just can’t miss him, lol!), but it’s not his size that made her stake at him that night, it was his hair, his eyes and the way he moved.

He was very handsome and Lydie felt her heart skipped a beat but…she wasn’t single. As she was ( and still is!) very faithful, she immediately told her brain tp fprget about the “big guy”.

Month later, her useless relationship ended she ws really sad but really realieved at the same time. She decided to take back control over her life and to think about herself for once.

She wasnt’ sure of anything and wanted to enjoy her new life. Men weren’t her priority but…she saw the beautiful tall guy again at dance practice. She decided to try her luck! With one her friend’s help (yeah, I know: how childisk is this?! She lacked self-confidence at hte time), she managed to know he found her cute too and that was single.

Some weeks later, after a great amount of text message,  Lydie and  Mathieu (the beautiful gay of hip hop dance class), went on a date. And…what a date!They were so connected, understood ech other so well. That was magical <3.

By the end of their second date, he kissed her!!!

Since thenm they never left each other…

Of course, we are Mathieu and Lydie!! And we are so happy…

Look around, your true love may be aroud the corner…

By Mathieu+Lydie